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Jack Kerouac's Big Sur Feature Film


Based upon Jack Kerouac's last great work Big Sur includes stellar cast of Kate Bosworth (21, Superman Returns), Josh Lucas (The Lincoln Lawyer, J. Edgar), Anthony Edwards (ER), Stana Katic (Quantum of Solace). Directed by one of today's most visionary film makers Michael Polish (Northfork, Astronaut Farmer) the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to much acclaim including the following quotes from The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, and Variety. Beat Generation Productions' Jim Sampas was executive producer.

"[Jean-Marc] Barr appears to effortlessly adapt to Polish’s depiction of Kerouac as a conflicted mix of literary aloofness and physical suffering. His jazzy line readings of the author’s prose resonate with the spontaneity of the original novel, immensely enhancing the sense of this literary world...Visually the film is a pleasure to watch... [The film adds] another layer of complexity to the author’s venerable reputation." - The Hollywood Reporter

“cracks the code of how to adapt Jack Kerouac for the screen. The secret is deceptively simple: Go to the source and stay there...Filmed without a trace of sentimentality, “Big Sur” is an achingly sad last hurrah." - The New York Times

"The distinctively mournful grandiosity of their compositions serves the author's elegiac vision while introducing a contemporary note to this stylishly appointed period piece." - Variety

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