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A leading light of the maverick pack of 1950s writers who forged the Beat Generation, whose works sparked the cultural revolution of the 1960s, Jack Kerouac is best known for his exhilarating lust for life, distilling his adventures and his hopes in a series of high-octane novels. While the image of Kerouac as a freewheeling spirit of the open road has endured, his novels, Big Sur, Doctor Sax, Visions of Cody, and Tristessa reveal his obsession with the darker recesses of human experience. 


The Los Angeles Times has called Beat Generation Productions co-founder Jim Sampas "the thinking person's producer

[who has a] reputation for sticking out of the pack." He has produced numerous projects receiving coverage in such major news outlets as People Magazine, Newsweek, CNN, The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Weekly, and

Rolling Stone and his projects have appeared on such radio programs as National Public Radio's Weekend Edition, Morning Edition, Here and Now, All Things Considered, The Westwood One's Jim Bohannon Show, and US Government's Voice of America.

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Beat Generation Productions co-founder Sylvia Cunha is a music industry professional with over 20 years of experience in marketing, promotions, and event creation. She has worked with many well-known bands, festivals, and venues. Her main focus has always been to connect fans with artists, authors, personalities, and brands through unique experiences resulting in the creation of innovative revenue streams in the worlds of music, entertainment, publishing, and destination marketing. 

In addition to creating marketing campaigns for well-known clients, she has turned her own concepts into reality with

Beyond The Band Series and Fangate

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